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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 5, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> reporter: in just minutes, the contra costa sheriff's department expected to provide an update on the shooting that left a chp officer clinging to life. what they now know about the suspect. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. and thunderstorms rolling through the bay area producing hail, frequent lightning, and heavy downpours. we'll show you where they're headed. >> and bracing for bill. democrats still buzzing after michelle obama's soaring speech. now getting set for tonight's pitch from former president bill clinton. we're live with all the latest. a live look at the traffic heading into san francisco from the bay bridge toll plaza. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we begin with new details that we are learning this morning on the shooting of a chp officer critically injured after a traffic stop tuesday. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in martinez where a news conference is scheduled to start any minute now. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. we're xping to hear from the spokesperson from the contra costa county sheriff's department any minute. they're leading up the investigation into the shooting of chp officer here as well. meanwhile, chp officer kenyon marc youngstrom still hospitalized at this hour. i'm told still on life support at a hospital in walnut creek. getting a huge show of support, though, from fellow officers, family, and the community at the martinez chp office this morning where he worked, some residents were out there this morning bright and early, got there two hours before the office opened,
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hoping he will recover. some of them holding american flags and paying respect to the officers that were coming in this morning, waving as they drove by. others came with flowers for the 37-year-old father of four who's served seven yearses with the chp. he was shot yesterday on a traffic stop in alamo and interstate 680. they told us they didn't know him at all but they certainly respect his job and his sacrifice. >> the job, the heroic job that they do, putting their life on the line. and this officer put his life on the line. and he has a family, and that's the only reason i'm out here. >> the gentleman got up to do his work, to make a living for his family, and he doesn't get to g home to them and we're hoping that he does get to go home soon. >> reporter: extended family is at the medical center this morning where youngstrom again was listed in critical condition.
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i'm told still on life support at last update. fellow chp officers came in and out offering their support early this morning. the sheriff's department says a suspect fired at youngstrom and a second officer fired back. that suspect died at the hospital, and there are still a lot of questions about the nature of the traffic stop in the first place and why the chp patrol car was in front of the suspect's jeep on 680 instead of behind it. the sheriff's department expected to answer some of those questions as soon as they come out. we'll try to bring that information to you. that's the latest from here. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. as soon as that press conference goes off, we'll take you back there live. right now a look over sunol. we've been getting reports weather-wise, some showers this morning, some thunder in the south bay right now. >> nbc bay area meteorologist christina loren is here now with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the day. that cloud cover was awfully
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impressive. >> you had some showers come down over your head earlier, marla. that activity ramped up as we have the past couple hours very, very active weather across the bay area. at this point we're getting a bit of a lull in terms of your thunderstorms. i want to zoom in and show you where the action is right now, mostly concentrated south of the golden gate bridge. however, san francisco has had some light shower activity as well. now, you're looking for the red on this radar. that's where we're seeing these embedded thunderstorms. some of them rather strong, producing pea-sized hail, frequent lightning and heavy downpours. they're brief heavy downpours, but certainly dangerous if you're going to be out and about commuting. you want to make sure you take it easy on the roadways. what i can tell you is we are not going to be out of the woods for another 24 hours. so we'll take you through that forecast, let you know who's going to get the most precipitation and when we could actually see some severe thunderstorms develop. there's a slight chance for that later this afternoon. a lot to talk about in the weather department. back to you for now. mother nature also busy down
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in costa rica this morning, a major earthquake, 7.6, shaking up the country's western coast just before 8:00 a.m. this morning. early reports show the quake hit about four miles outside of samarra. a tsunami warning was initially issued, then retracted. this is video we pulled in off the satellite from a television station in costa rica. you can see the shaking going on there, but the good news was no serious damage to report and so far, no injuries have been reported. happening now and much closer to home, vallejo police are holding a news conference to address sunday's deadly shooting of a man they say pulled a toy gun on officers. this is the pellet gun vallejo pd says 23-year-old mario ramirez pulled from his waistband before being shot and killed by officers. they say romero was a gang member and on felony probation for carrying a concealed weapon with a prior conviction. he was shot sunday in front of his home. family members dispute the
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officers' reports. we'll have more during a special 4:00 p.m. newscast this afternoon. now to decision 2012. some called it electric. the crowd certainly on its feet several times. michelle obama wowed democrats last night with a speech focused on family values. nbc bay area's tracie potts is live in charlotte, north carolina, with more on the first night of the democratic national convention and what's happening today. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: marla, good morning. it looks like what is happening now are some changes as a result of the threat of thunderstorms. all of thursday's activities are being moved to this venue. the problem is it's much smaller than the stadium where it was going to be held. as a result of all of that, thousands of people who had tickets may not get to see the president in person. the dnc says it's a safety issue, the threat of thunderstorms is too dangerous. they're moving president obama's
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acceptance speech and the rest of thursday's events from this stadium inside to the arena where michelle obama argued passionately last night to re-elect the president. >> i hear the determination in his voice as he tells me, you won't believe what these folks are going through, michelle. it's not right. we've got to keep working to fix this. >> reporter: the arena is much smaller, less than 20,000 seats compared to 74,000 at the stadium. we won't see denver's overflow crowd from 2008. the dnc says 65,000 community ticketholders will have to be turned away. almost immediately, republicans issued a statement questioning if weather or a fear of not filling seats prompted this move, but organizers say they had 19,000 on a waiting list. president clinton is the main speaker here tonight. paul ryan talked about that at a campaign event today. >> my guess is we'll get a great rendition of how good things were in the 1990s but we're not going to hear much abhow things
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have been the last four years. >> reporter: like republicans last week, democrats are now scrambling to regroup because of the weather. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. right now back to our continuing coverage of that chp officer that was shot after a traffic stop on tuesday. we're being told 38-year-old christopher boone lacy, he is the suspect right now, he has one prior arrest, but for more information on that, let's take it to jimmy lee, the public information officer with contra costa county sheriff's office. he's holding a news conference. we'll listen in. >> the cause of death is listed as gunshot wound to the head. now i wanted to clarify the events that led up to yesterday's traffic stop on 680. it may seem somewhat confusing with two officers involved, but we'll try to make it as clear as possible. at about 8:20 a.m., chp officer
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kenyon young strom and another chp officer, his beat partner, responded to a report of a traffic accident that had occurred somewhere near red year road and 680. officer youngstrom responded to that call. he went to that location. and he was not able to locate an accident scene. therefore, he cleared that detail. officer youngstrom then agreed to meet his partner on highway 680 southbound to handle a dead deer call. you might recall there was a dead deer on the side of the roadway. as he was on his way to that location, his beat partner told him that he was going to conduct a traffic stop on a green jeep wrangler for having an obstructed license plate. at the time, officer youngstrom had already pulled to the side of the roadway. he was on the shoulder.
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he stepped from his vehicle to direct the jeep onto the shoulder when he saw it. therefore, at that time, his beat partner initiated the traffic stop. so you can visualize that. now the jeep is between two vehicles. officer youngstrom then approached the jeep on the driver's side and made contact with lacy. looking at the dashcam video, it shows that officer youngstrom and lacy had a short conversation. then, without any warning, lacy pulled out a gun and shot officer youngstrom in the head. officer youngstrom then fell to the ground on the freeway on lane four. his partner, who was approaching from the rear, heard the gunshot, saw his partner go down, withdrew o-- or drew his own service weapon and shot at the jeep, striking lacy
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critically. the officer then proceeded to render first aid to officer youngstrom. there were also some citizens that stopped to help, as well. officer youngstrom was then transported to john mere medical center where he remains in critical condition, and lacy was also taken to the medical center where he was later pronounced dead. so, that is the statement. i might be able to answer a few questions if you have any. corning. that's up north. >> could you spell that name? >> suspect's name is christopher, common spelling, middle name of boone, b-o-o-n-e and last of lacy, l-a-c-y, 38-year-old from corning, california.
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[ inaudible question ] yeah. officer youngstrom's already pulled over on the shoulder. they're about to deal with a dead deer call, and the aekd officer is about to conduct a traffic enforcement stop. and officer youngstrom apparently motions or directs the jeep to pull in behind his vehicle. the second officer initiates the traffic spop stop and is behind the jeep wrangler. so that's how it went down as far as the sequence. >> is there any indication as to why lacy was so heavily armed? [ inaudible ]. >> our detectives are still working on twriing to develop a profile on lay is i. they have not found that much on him. we have been told that he pretty much keeps to himself. he's a loner. so at this point, as far as a motive of why he shot the
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officer, that's something we're still trying to work on. [ inaudible question ] don't know. >> do you know if p he had family, married or -- >> i'm not aware of any. >> are his parents coming over here? >> they are going to be coming to contra costa county where they're going to be working with our investigators to see if we can find out more about why this all happened. >> after you mentioned conducting the search warrant of his residence [ inaudible ]? >> it was in corning, california. yeah. >> do you have a date of birth on the suspect? >> i'll see if i can get that for you later, dan. [ inaudible question [ inaudible question ] i think it's accurate to say that.
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[ inaudible question ] not sure exactly. that's something we're still trying to figure out. >> do you know what kind of weapon he used? >> he used a glock semiautomatic handgun. >> a glock semiautomatic handgun. >> okay. we have just been listening in to the press conference delivered to us by the contra costa county sheriff's department spokesperson. what we've learned is that the suspect who shot and critically wounded chp officer 37-year-old kenyon youngstrom, who is in a hospital today, again, in critical condition, that suspect has been identified as 38-year-old christopher lacy of corning, california. he was then, in turn, shot and killed by chp officer youngstrom's partner. so the suspect, of course, has we've been reporting, was killed in yesterday's events that played out on 680 in the alamo,
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walnut creek area. of course we'll stay on the story and continue to bring you the latest throughout day. and also tonight. a special 4:00 newscast we have spshlly planned today. >> we'll keep you updated on that.
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time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. time to break out the umbrellas. >> we're not even into our rainy season. good morning to you. these aren't the typical showers that come down over the bay area. these are warm tropical showers, and we've got two systems working together to bring us this precipitation. let's go ahead and show you what it looks like. if you are going to be headed out and about, maybe you're on your couch right now and you don't know what's happening outside, take a look at this. this is 280 and 101 where the two highways come together. you can see it was coming down rather hard. we're not talking about light precipitation. we're talking about heavy rain.
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and heavy downpours in association with some of these thunderstorms, also that dime-sized hail out there. right to the radar to show you what's happening right now. what i can tell you is most of the thunderstorm activity getting a little bit of a break from that right now. most of this is green. we're losing a lot of the reds and yellows and oranges. as we head throughout this afternoon, we're expecting another wave of moisture to come through, so we are going to be on storm watch at nbc bay area all day long. right now, doppler radar shows you pretty steady rainfall from fremont to san jose, and there's more on the way. if you live on the east bay, get ready for some showers here in the next hour and a half. about 22 minutes away from some steady rain in newark, 30 minutes away from steady rain in sunol and 54 minutes away from pleasanton. look at the temperatures. all that cloud cover, the showers coming down, the rain-cooled air. it is cool out there. i had to take the temperatures down substantially. we have an area of high pressure to our south. this is sucking up the remnants of what once was hurricane john. now, in addition to that, tail
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end of an area of low pressure swings through. that interception with that moisture carries it into the bay area. we have an unstable air mass overhead, so it's hard to track where we'll get the thunderstorms later on. what i can tell you is the general vicinity, the best chance will be in the south bay on the western-facing slopes but even in the north bay in the higher elevations we have a chance of that heading throughout the day. we have reports of dime-sized hail, very frequent lightning strikes, and so with is that, you can imagine elevated fire danger for today. look at your highs. they reason going to be all that warm, but you're talking about 91 degrees in livermore, with showers already coming down. we have a wet surface. yeah. very dangerous when it comes to potential for thunderstorms. the more moisture you pick up early on, accumulate that daytime heating, yeah, those are the ingredients for strong storms potentially. so far this morning we haven't had any of that, but we will be watching it for you. 88 degrees by thursday. getting more seasonal weather as we head through friday and the weekend. we're still going to be dealing
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with showers until tomorrow morning. and then things start to get back on track. back to you. >> okay, christina. thank you very much. college football season was last week. the nfl pig skin kicking off tonight. a little erl yr than past years. game one starting a few hours from right now on nbc. we'll tell you what caused the schedule change next.
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that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ welcome back, everybody. usually the nfl season kicks off on a thursday night. they've been doing that the last ten years. but this season has been rescheduled to avoid a conflict with president obama's speech down at the dnc. the matchup, the super bowl champion new york giants battling the dallas cowboys. they'll kick it off in new jersey. you can catch that game right here on nbc bay area. that means we'll have a special
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lineup tonight. >> we will be right back.
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welcome back. we just received new information from the contra costa county sheriff's department regarding tuesday's chp officer-involved shooting on 680 in alamo. we're learning that the 38-year-old christopher lacy of corning, california, shot officer kenyon youngstrom in the head soon after youngstrom approached his jeep wrangler on 680 near livorna road. youngstrom's partner stopped lacy in the first place because of an obstructed license plate. lacy was shot by that officer and he later died at the hospital. officials say he had one prior arrest in 2006. of course, you can find out the latest information online,
11:26 am >> friends and family at the hospital praying he recovers well. let's toss its over for one final check on the weather. christina loren here to tell us what's happening outside. >> it's going to be pretty much a slow commute, i can tell you that right now weather showers on the radar. a lot of people not expecting this kind of activity as they make their way out their front door. right now the bulk of the moisture is still concentrated in the south bay, but we have showers along the peninsula up in san francisco starting to get a little activity there even in the north bay as well. so what's to come? well, as we head throughout this afternoon and it gets hotter we still have an unstable air mass. we could see more of these strong storms develop. so lightning is definitely in the forecast as we head throughout this afternoon. jeff ranieri will have the latest for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. we aren't going to be out of the woods with the showers until tomorrow morning. then we get a good amount of clearing and temperatures and conditions more on track with the seasonal norms. get ready for showers in newark
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in the next 22 minutes. sunday outlook, things get better for the upcoming weekend. yes, we are close to that weekend now. getting you over the hump this wednesday. bla back to you guys. >> we will be ready, christina. double duty at at&t park. hundreds of fans on the grass in the outfield rolling out theriault ga mats. very peaceful there. 90-minute session marking the first-ever yoga day at at&t park. one participant says an event like this brings together a bunch of things he loves. >> well, we love the giants, we love san francisco, and we love yoga. so what a great opportunity to put them all together in a place of champions and be able to practice right here on the field and send great energy to the giants so they can win another world championship this year. >> the down dog. they finish up business as usual, the giants taking on arizona tonight. >> a special edition of nbc bay area news at 4:00 this afternoon.
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